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“Like the most perfectly cut diamond, Sonya is a lady of many facets. Wife, mom, grandma, daughter, sister and friend.  Through all of this runs the solid thread of her philosophy of servant leadership – so beautifully summed up in the first sentence. She is a wise, gentle, beautiful and funny lady and I love her dearly. Sonya warmly invites you to grow, learn and contribute. But! Above all! Please make the effort to get to know Sonya. It truly is an experience you won’t regret.” Mark Ross

Invest in Human Potential

Growth Solutions

Resolve Conflict

Immediate solution to resolve conflict within your organization or project team. Retain talented and passionate people in your and get the job done. Uncover communication styles and learning characteristics of each person and squash those perceptions, eliminate self-deception with full speed ahead attitude of gratitude.

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AAA Organizational Shift

Alignment + Abilities + Action. Each person has hidden and unique talents. Align your people with roles in your organization to leverage their abilities in order improve quality, increase production, and ultimately affect the bottom line. Your people need to be in ture alignment with the company mission and future goals. Also available for individuals.

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Level Up

Shift your management team to applying leadership principles. What motivates your people to produce more? Compensation or Compliments. Instill pride, maximize their contributions and capture their unique talents and abilities. Enpower them to better understand themselves and others. Bringing out the best in people takes committment to understanding predictive behaviors.

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Parental Investment

Your son or daughter is on the edge of making big decisions about their future. You want the absolute best for them and they are not listening to what you think they should do, what college to choose and are undecided on a degree program. You are concerned with the financial investment knowing how hard these decisions were for you and don't want them to make those same mistakes.

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Behavioral Mind Set Assessment Testimonials


I invest in people, too!

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